Rosanna Hrabnicky
National Sponsorship Manager & Group Manager

Rosanna oversees sponsorship development and sales for Marketplace Events home and garden shows in North America and management of the Ohio home shows. With over 25 years of sales & marketing experience she is responsible for the development of customized, mutually beneficial sponsorship programs designed to maximize her client's return on investment.

Phone: 440.591.6974

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Caitlin Dorney
Assistant Show Manager

Caitlin Dorney is the Assistant Show Manager for the Ohio Home + Remodeling Show and the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo and Operations Manager for the Great Big Home + Garden Show. Prior to this role, she was the Show | Office Administrator for the Raleigh Home shows, and she started Marketplace Events as a Sales Analyst under the VP of Sales. A Youngstown, OH native, she graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a Bachelor of Arts and is now proud to call Cleveland home. 

Phone: 440.591.6966

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Hallie Weilemann is the Exhibit Sales Consultant for the Ohio Home + Remodeling Show.  Prior to this role, she was the Exhibit Sales Consultant for the three Richmond Home Shows. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Communications.

Phone: 440.591.6980

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Kelsey Christopher
Show|Operations Administrator

Kelsey Christopher is the Show|Operations Administrator for all of the Ohio Shows.  Prior to this role, she was the Show | Office Administrator for the three Capital Shows and the Buffalo Home Show.  She graduated from Lakeland Community College with a degree in Business Management.

Phone: 440.591.6963

A B74A0159Maddy Fox
Administrative Assistant

Maddy Fox is the Administrative Assistant for all Ohio shows. Her background is in event marketing and event coordination leading her to join the Marketplace Events team in June 2019. Maddy earned her Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Kent State University with a strong concentration in the event industry.

Phone: 440.591.6969

For media inquiries, please contact:
Dayna Hanson, Consumer Marketing Manager,

For social media inquiries, please contact:  
Thea Scrimger, Social Media Manager,


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